KDF Charity Icon 2017: Golden Rooster

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The KDF Chinese Community Committee is pleased to introduce the “Golden Rooster” as KDF’s charity icon for the year 2017.

Seeking inspiration from the acclaimed Chinese art form of Liuli, this exquisite ornament features an imposing rooster perched upon an emerald ruyi scepter.

In Chinese culture, the rooster has long been a symbol of courage, benevolence, and honesty. With its confident stature, full plumage and vivid tail feathers, this rooster ornament promises to be an auspicious addition to every home. Moreover, roosters are pronounced as ‘Ji’ in Mandarin, closely similar to how one would pronounce luck.     

This charity icon is suited to be placed at home or at the office and is sure to bring about good fortune, harmony among people and an abundance of luck. It measures a total height of 30cm and sits on a mahogany base measuring 25cm by 15cm.

Extend hope to low-income kidney patients who require dialysis by adopting a “Golden Rooster” today. Donations of $888 and above will be entitled to one charity icon. All donations are entitled to 2.5 times income tax deduction.

Click here to make a donation today. Call 6559 2653 to find out more.

 2017年KDF慈善福物《金鸡如意》为仿琉璃艺术品,福物整体长25cm 宽15cm高30cm。

凡在本页捐款$888元及以上者,将获得KDF 2017年慈善福物《金鸡如意》一尊。您的捐款可以抵扣2.5倍所得税。 如需更多了解,请拨打电话6559 2653。欲线上捐款可至此

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