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23Jan 2015
KDF Millennium Ride 2015

From 23rd to 26th January 2015, KDF Millennium Ride 2015 saw 52 cyclists pedalling through three countries over four days, clocking a daily average of 13 hours on the road to cover a 1,000km distance. 

It was most definitely not an easy feat and a test of endurance as well as physical and mental strength. In this extreme endurance event, the cyclist’s body goes through extreme wear and tear, and blisters, muscle cramps and exhaustion are common. In such moments, it is sheermental strength that pushes them through. “For the kidney patients” and “mind over body” were some of the phrases most commonly heard during the ride.

But with a common goal in sight, camaraderie among the cyclists was strong. Words of encouragement were constantly exchanged and the stronger riders fell to the back to help those behind catch up, while dedicated 'sweepers' toiled the tail of the peloton to ensure that no cyclist was left behind. 

For the safety of the female riders on the team, other cyclists made extra effort to ensure that they never cycled alone. The female cyclists, however, were strong in their own right. They not only braved the same scorching sun and torrential rain pedalling through the different terrains, all six of them completed the 1,000km journey without dropping out at any point.  

After four days on the road, the cyclists arrived triumphantly back home on 26thJanuary to a special appreciation dinner hosted by KDF and graced by Health MinisterMr Gan Kim Yong. 

KDF would like to thank Epic Cyclist, whom we have partnered for the second year running, as well as our charity cyclists, support crew and donors who so strongly believe in our cause. 

KDF would like to thank the following supporting partners: