Subsidised Haemodialysis

The subsidised haemodialysis programme at KDF serves needy kidney patients in Singapore, regardless of race or religion. The programme is heavily funded by public donations, and patients may apply into our programme through their medical social workers at restructured hospitals, or by submitting their application form to us directly.

All patients are required to undergo means-testing and a medical review upon their application to determine their eligibility. Patients at KDF receive subsidies of varying amounts according to their financial situation based on means-testing.

KDF currently operates four haemodialysis centres located at Bishan, Ghim Moh, Chinatown and Admiralty, with a combined patient capacity of 432 seats. Patients admitted into our programme will dialyse at the dialysis centre located nearest to their homes, depending on availability of dialysis equipment at the centre.

If someone you know suffers from kidney failure and wishes to apply for subsidies for their dialysis treatment, please download and submit the form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can. For enquiries, please contact us at 6559 2630 or

# Only Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for the KDF subsidised dialysis programme.

Portable Subsidy Programme (for High Dependency patients)

The Portable Subsidy Programme serves to help needy patients who require greater medical attention that KDF is unable to provide in our step-down community care environment. Under the Portable Subsidy Programme, high-dependency dialysis patients can apply for financial assistance from KDF for their dialysis treatment at a private dialysis centre.

For more information, please contact us at 6559 2630 or