Quality Holistic Care

Our commitment to provide high-quality treatment to needy kidney patients in Singapore include a holistic approach towards patient care. Our approach ensures that our patients receive quality treatment, regular reviews and continuous education, and addresses their psychosocial needs.

All new KDF patients will be educated about their treatment and dialysis process by nursing personnel and given a patient handbook as part of their orientation. Once patients understand their treatment programme, a primary nurse and dietician will guide and educate patients on their medication and dietary compliance regularly. This ensures that all patients are familiar with the dialysis process, the centre’s facilities and the status of their health.

KDF dialysis centres are supported by a group of nephrologists from restructured hospitals and the private sector who conduct monthly medical reviews of patients. A professional team of nurses from external service providers operate our Ghim Moh and Kreta Ayer dialysis centres in accordance with the medical and nursing protocols established by KDF to maintain the consistency, safety and quality in our treatment standards. Our Bishan dialysis centre is directly managed by KDF.

To facilitate continuous learning and help our patients better manage their health during dialysis, KDF organises patient education seminars to bridge the education gap through a fun and meaningful way.

Various medical and healthcare professionals are engaged to tackle specific and relevant themes, such as nutrition, blood test analysis, etc. These seminars deliver bite-sized pointers and notes, which can be easily understood by both patients and their family members.

Aside from education, we also ensure that their psychosocial needs are met through outings to local places of interests, such as the zoo, vegetable farms, etc. Combining the education seminars and outings empowers patients to take charge of their health and also provides a platform for them to socialise with other patients from other dialysis centres, and spend time to bond with their families.