Launched in 2008, the ‘Adopt-A-Patient’ programme was created to materialise KDF’s vision—to ensure that no kidney patient will perish because of the lack of funds for dialysis.

As dialysis treatment in Singapore could cost over $2,000 monthly, this programme is a second-tier subsidy that seeks to further reduce, and in many cases, eliminate the cost of treatment and medication for our low-income patients.

The group of patients benefiting from this programme are typically unable to afford the co-payment portion of their dialysis treatment due to debilitating financial difficulties or sudden changes in their financial situation. They receive subsidies of varying amounts for their treatment depending on their household income.

As at 31 March 2023, almost all KDF patients paid less than $200 monthly for their treatments, and 83% of them do not bear any out-of-pocket expenses for dialysis treatments.

Donations made to this programme are directed towards patient-only expenses, such as subsidies for their treatment, selected medication and transport to and fro the dialysis centres. Extend a helping hand today.

Contact us at 6559 2630, or email Mr. Triston Siew at for more information.