Governance & Accountability 

Since inception, KDF has implemented a number of policies to ensure transparency and that donations received are utilised directly to fulfil the mission of the Foundation and not for costly overheads. To exercise cost control and minimise administrative and overhead costs while delivering quality care, KDF subcontracts its dialysis services to Dialysis Management Companies (DMCs) through open tenders. Commercial and accounting records are transparent as costs are pre-determined. As of January 2018, our Ghim Moh and Kreta Ayer dialysis centres are managed by DMCs, while our Bishan centre is managed by KDF directly.

Transparency and Accountability

Internal audits are conducted yearly by an independent third party to review processes and controls within the Foundation, and ensure that the operations of the Foundation are in compliance with the established guidelines and regulations set by the Ministry of Health, Commissioner of Charities, and relevant government bodies.

Accountability also extends to our financial statements, which can be easily accessed via our website. In recognition of our exemplary disclosure practices, KDF was awarded the Charity Transparency Award by the Charity Council in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Fraud and Conflict of Interest

KDF maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud. This policy not only applies to the Foundation's board, committee members and staff, but also applies to the Foundation's vendors, suppliers and partners to the extent that the Foundation's resources or reputation may be involved or affected.

Policies are also in place to prevent and address actual and perceived conflicts of interest that will affect the integrity, fairness and accountability of the Foundation. These policies are adopted by the Foundation, board members and staff.

Whistleblowing Policy

KDF’s whistleblowing policy ensures that there are proper avenues for employees and the public to raise concerns about actual or suspected improprieties. All reports are taken seriously and investigated accordingly.

KDF maintains a zero tolerance policy towards fraud. This policy applies to members of the board, committee members, staff, volunteers and also to the Foundation’s vendors, suppliers and partners, to the extent that the Foundation’s resources or reputation may be involved or affected.  

To report a corporate irregularity, statutory non-compliance or wrongdoing, kindly contact us at