Event Details

05Nov 2017
Patient Education Seminar and Outing to Singapore Zoo

On 5thNovember 2017, an education seminar on fluid management was organised for our patients and their caregivers at the Singapore Zoo. 

The seminar was conducted by Ms Pauline Chan, senior consultant dietitian and food & nutrition consultant. During the talk, she emphasised the importance of controlling fluid and sodium intake and provided practical tips on how to control them, including identifying “hidden fluid” in food.

Following the seminar and a sumptuous lunch, participants were free to explore the zoo grounds. Our patients had a whale of their time riding the zoo tram, taking photos of the animals and strolling through the park with their families. The last itinerary for the day was an elephant show where those gentle giants charmed the audience by displaying their playful nature, intelligence and strength toward various tasks and performances.

This patient seminar cum socialouting wasorganised by Renal Friends, KDF’s patient support group. We would like to especiallythank the CabbyCare Charity Group for ferrying our wheelchair-bound patients and all other volunteers for contributing their time to make this event a successful one.