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18Jan 2022
Celebrating the Gift of Clean Air


While the COVID-19 situation in Singapore has stabilised, it remains as a concern especially for our kidney patients, as a majority of them are elderly and immunocompromised.


As such, we ensure that the hygiene standards are upkept in both our workplace and dialysis centres. In October this year, Philips Domestic Appliances reached out to KDF and donated 8 air purifiers, alongside with garment steamers and irons, giving our staff and patients a chance to experience a comfortable, healthy environment to work and dialyse in respectively.   


We would like to extend our thanks to Philips Domestic Appliances for their generous in-kind donation. 


“We truly appreciate the opportunity to donate our products. Our purpose is to help people turn their houses into homes. Through meaningful innovation, we endeavour to improve the lives of people, helping them to lead healthier and happier lives every day.”


Eugene Roh

Consumer Engagement & Care Lead, and Sustainability Lead

Philips Domestic Appliances, Asia Pacific