Event Details

16Dec 2023
Got To Goal 2023: Scoring as One Community

‘Got To Goal 2023’ is Kidney Dialysis Foundation’s very first charity futsal tournament that will host up to 32 teams. This event serves as a platform to raise essential funds for needy kidney patients and promote kidney health amongst the community.

Through the beautiful game of futsal, participants and spectators can look forward to an electrifying day, filled with lively futsal matches that bring individuals from diverse backgrounds together.

‘Got To Goal 2023’ is not just a futsal tournament; it is a movement that aims to make a lasting positive impact on the community, one goal at a time. As we stride forward on the futsal pitch, we look to celebrate the joy of sports, strengthen our community bonds, and advocate for kidney health, as we collectively pave the way for a brighter and healthier future.