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28Apr 2021

Posted on 28.4.2021 | 12:00 AM

KDF Best Patient Award 2021

KDF ‘Best Patient Award’ Winners

As a kidney patient, it is important to stay disciplined and keep to a strict set of criteria to ensure that their condition remains in control. The ‘KDF Best Patient Award’ was incepted in 2002 to recognise our kidney patients’ efforts to keep to this protocol. This year, we presented 3 deserving patients with this award.

Ms. Zuraidah, 38

KDF Patient since 2011

KDF Bishan Dialysis Centre

“It was quite a pleasant surprise to know that I have won the ‘Best Patient Award’ again this year! Keeping track of my diet and fluid intake is now part of my daily routine, and my 2 sons also give me gentle reminders daily. It was difficult to cope initially, but it pays off in the long run.

“2021 is my 10th year with KDF. It also marks KDF’s 25th anniversary. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for supporting me in my dialysis journey.”

Mr Chng Leong Heng, 73

KDF Patient since 2014

KDF Ghim Moh Dialysis Centre

“I have learnt to maintain my potassium and glucose levels over the years as a kidney patient. Once a routine turns into a habit, it’s easy to stick with it, though it can get a bit challenging when you are tempted with food and snacks! The nurses at the dialysis centre always shares useful tips with me, and I try my best to be disciplined with my food choices.”

“Thank you KDF for awarding me with the ‘Best Patient Award’, encouraging me to be better. Happy 25th birthday!”

Mr Tan Kim Chwee, 53

KDF Patient since 2017

KDF Ghim Moh Dialysis Centre

“I had a kidney transplant more than 20 years ago, before my transplanted kidney failed, and I had to start dialysis 4 years ago. I have many pre-existing chronic conditions, which can develop into complications if I do not follow my daily routine strictly. It is not easy, but watching my young son grow up is my greatest encouragement to stay strong during my dialysis sessions.”

“Thank you KDF for giving me a second chance at life. Happy 25th anniversary!”