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27Jan 2021

Posted on 27.1.2021 | 12:00 AM

My Health Is My Responsibility


Mr Shaik, 74, has been a patient with KDF since 2007.  His strict adherence to his diet and his punctuality for all his dialysis sessions have won him the “Most Compliant Patient Award” in early 2020.

About 14 years ago, just before his retirement, Mr Shaik was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease. He was advised to start dialysis treatments and the doctors would monitor his health from there. He was also informed that he had to manage his lifestyle – among others, he had to restrict the intake of some of his favorite food, including Nasi Briyani.

Mr Shaik’s eyes lit up at the mention of this delicious dish. However, he made up his mind since the early days to adhere to the requirements, including not to give in to food temptations, so as to maintain good health and not to add burden on his two daughters.

Pointing towards his fistula – an enlarged vein – on his left arm, Mr Shaik proudly declared, “My health is my responsibility, and I should take charge of it. By doing so, I am also helping my daughters.”

“I want to thank the social workers who helped me back then,” he said. Mr Shaik struggled to pay for his treatments then. Social workers came in promptly to help him and referred him to KDF. Mr Shaik qualified to receive fully subsidised treatments at KDF. The air cargo company he worked for also retained him in his job up until his retirement in 2008.

Today, Mr Shaik enjoys the time he spends with his grandchildren and considers that as one of the little things he could help his daughters with. He recently welcomed his youngest grandson, from his younger daughter.

“My days are very simple! Sending my grandchildren to school in the morning, going to the coffee shop in my estate to meet and chat with friends, going back home to spend time with my wife, watch television and rest, until it is time to pick up the grandchildren in the late afternoon,” he said chirpily. The big grin on his face had his routines sound more interesting than simple. 

On days that he has to go for his dialysis, Mr Shaik’s wife would go fetch the grandchildren. With much encouragement from his supportive family, Mr Shaik is empowered and determined to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a positive mindset.

“If not for my family, I won’t be the person that I am today and to enjoy this fulfilling life.”